Meet Our Staff


Lisa McMahon

OFYC Program Director /

Lisa is OFYC’s Program Director. During her time at OFYC, she has been able to assist youth in making substantial changes to Oregon’s foster care system; a system they themselves have experienced. The youth Lisa works with have done this by using their knowledge of the system to bring forth legislation, inform rules and policy, and educate those who work directly with youth in care. 

From the beginning of Lisa’s career as a high school Special Education teacher, to studying self-determination for nearly a decade while at Portland State University’s Regional Research Institute on Human Services, it has been clear that Lisa is passionate about and dedicated to empowering young people. Lisa loves helping youth find their “spark,” while providing them the support necessary to succeed in their goals.

When Lisa, a Michigan native, is not focused on improving the lives of youth in care, she likes to spend time with friends and family. Lisa also loves to travel, take hikes, listen to live music, and eat at the many amazing restaurants in Portland.

You can reach Lisa at, (503) 236-9754, or on Facebook!


Kate Rosenstein Houston

OFYC’s Program Coordinator /

Kate is OFYC’s Program Coordinator. Kate grew up in Oregon’s child welfare system and has been a longtime advocate for youth in foster care, going back to the start of OFYC! Kate was one of the founding members of OFYC and later became Co-President. She has continued advocating for youth and working with child welfare, interning with the FosterClub AllStars, serving as a Youth Partner for Washington County Wraparound Mental Health Services, and working with Boys and Girls Aid and Youth MOVES Oregon. Kate has worked directly with youth in a variety of settings — as a mentor, as a Peer Delivered Service Provider, and as a Skills Trainer in Special Education. Kate’s experience in Special Education and child welfare has helped her target her passion in order to strengthen and build better systems of care for Oregon’s children. Kate believes that nothing is more powerful than advocacy for change, and she’s passionate about using her voice and working with youth to do the same.

In her free time, Kate enjoys hiking, road trips to the beach, baking goodies with her family, and exploring Portland’s foodie scene.

You can reach out to Kate at, (503) 236-9754, or on Facebook!